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Hello, thanks for entering my website and interested in me and my work. I am Italian, I have spent many years living in Crete (Greece) and I am now living in Madrid. I dedicate myself to the wonderful world of music.

My specialty is the steel guitar or Lap steel guitar (many call it simply slide guitar). It is a wonderful instrument that I invite you to know and listen to. My music mixes the sonority of the steel guitar with Folk, IndieFolk, and also some electronic touch a fusion between the Mediterranean and the American roots.


Apart from following my artistic path In these years in Spain I have worked with different musicians and television and radio channels such as Tele 5, Cuatro, Lamadrid, LaSexta, Ondacero, Melody FM, Radio3, Radio Coop and I have performed at festivals such as: High Rock-A-Billy, Barcelona International Jazz Festival, Cazorla Blues, Out Jazz, Cuenca International Film Festival, Jazz Moncloa, Matala Festival of Greece, Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival (Ireland) and at different events for the Embassy from Italy, the Chamber of Commerce of the National Library of Madrid.


I have also been fortunate to participate in the recording of many albums as "session musician" with artists such as Ismael Serrano, Flaco Barral, Curt Savoy and in 2016 I released my first album: Jonathan Colombo "Storie" published by Gasser Discos.

In 2017, I started an AudioVisual project called Urban Slide. Slideguitar engravings in emblematic places of Madrid. "SOGNIAMO LIBERI" is the single that anticipates the sound of the new album.

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